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Computer Service located in Prince George, British Columbia. Technogeeks has one motto - enjoy both the people we help and the problems we fix. We believe that if we don't consistently work to save you money, by having your best long term interests in mind, we don't deserve your business. Simply put, we fix your computer or network, in your home or office, and work around your schedule. We really hate coming back for the same problem, so will tutor you on how to avoid a return visit. Learn more...

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Our Experience

ranges from troubleshooting printer drivers, setting up business pbx's, building and repairing servers, to the custom design and installation of wireless internet in large hotels.


We understand and support Microsoft , Apple, and Linux solutions.
We fully support open source solutions where they are the 'right' choice for the job.

We install and troubleshoot

small and large VOIP implementations, from the companies PBX's to getting your Vonage working properly.

Our Guarantee

You should never have moments when you could just throw your computer through a window. But you probably will.
If you feel that at those moments your business should still be valued then give us a call. Guaranteed results, guaranteed satisfaction, and fair pricing.
Computers are really only a means to an end, and TechnoG33ks is dedicated to keeping them working properly so you can "get er done."