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  • Cryptolocker.

    There is a really nasty bug making the rounds. It encrypts your documents and then demands a ransom to un-encrypt them. No perfect stop for it other than do not open any attachments from unknown sources, which is always a good idea. See more here:

  • Need a new career?

    Technogeeks, a small, boutique firm that is growing rapidly is looking to expand. The firm wants to hire someone who loves working with technology, has some broad experience and also has good google-fu. The technology includes, but is not limited to: workgroups, domains, windows, linuxes, computers, printers, wireless, smartphones, mail servers, webservers, name servers and […]

  • More voting

    As always – if you can’t vote, you aren’t allowed to complain. Municipal elections are coming up. Get out there and learn what the platforms are, and decide who you like. Then vote!!!!

  • Voting

    I don’t care how you vote. Your business. But vote. People elsewhere in the world are dying for this righ.

  • Canada is becoming a technological backwater.

    Right now three large corporations have a monopoly on the state of the ‘internets’ in Canada. They are charging more than anyone else in the world, and I believe this is holding back Canada as a nation, making us a high-tech 3rd world backwater. If you don’t agree with what they are doing, click on […]


    Much of the time when residential clients have lost files due to a hard drive crash they really only care about their pictures. Well, to the cloud say I Unless your pictures are intimate in nature feel free to upload them to cloud storage services like Dropbox. 2 gigabytes of free online storage, plus up […]

  • Ipads/tablets

    Right now everyone is gaga over tablets, and I can see why. For surfing the web there is probably no better form factor. But I, having tried a few now, have to agree with Anand at Anandtech – when you want to get work done you still need a laptop or a desktop.  Those darn […]

  • Good fun

    Winter’s here in Prince George are troublesome for those of us who are prone to storing energy efficiently I’d just like to mention two great places to get your burn on over winter.  The first is the North Capital Judo club – great people and great times.  My kids love it.  Second – the Northern […]

  • Cooling and good power

    If you’ve had a computer for a number of years you might notice its making far too much noise.  Get a can of compressed air, and with the computer turned off and unplugged, give a light blast of air to the anything in the case that has a fan attached and/or looks like its designed […]

  • Politics

    Of late it seems that our politicians are getting more and more vitriolic.  Perhaps we should look south of the border to see where that can lead and ask ourselves ‘is that what I want my children to aspire to?’  I know I don’t have all of the answers.  Either do you.  But in a […]