Computer Tips

  • For Windows based machines – run a current and up-to-date anti-virus. Check on our Fast Fixes page for some free ones. For evaluations of which ones are worth installing see this great site. Another good link is here. The image below is from their site. We believe so much in their product that we run it here on our machines.Yes AVG does work, but not overly well. We currently run Nod32 in the shop here. It leaves your computer both fast and protected.
  • Update your computer regularly. Did you know that even Macs need updates on a regular basis? In 2007 they needed more updates than XP. Click on start – windows update for xp machines. For Macs, click on the Apple logo on the top left, and then choose Software update.
  • Invest in a ‘good’ power bar with surge protection. Look for a brand-name product such as APC. Replace them every three years – the mosfet capacitors in them by design wear out as they do their work.
  • Learn how to use Google. Google has most answers – the question is how to find them. Great tutorials and simple tricks are available at
  • Invest in new hardware every three years. The speed of computers doubles every 18 months so in three years you would be able to get one that is 8 times faster for less money than your current computer cost you. Your time on this planet is limited, why spend it waiting for your computer to boot up?
  • Wikipedia has all the other answers to many other questions – including how to soft-boil an egg properly.