Technogeeks has, through word of mouth been fortunate enough to be able to work for, and continue to work for, 16 different dentists in the Prince George Area. We have setup more than 7 offices from scratch. This wide exposure has allowed Gary Balliet to learn how to service and install many different products, from Gendex, to Bridge Software’s Tracker, to Cleardent, to my current favorite, Exan Mercedes Power Practice and Synca Cadi.

As the current crop of dental imaging sensors get better and better, providing superior imaging solutions to film x-rays, many different dental offices are switching to either stand-alone solutions or integrated dental imaging solutions.  These transitions save both time and money, and help the practitioner in two ways. They get to show clients where they are in terms of dental health, and help them imagine where they could be, with great visual aides on a chair-side computer monitor.

I am proud to say that in many offices here in Prince George, as evidenced by our Testimonials page, that we are able to solve problems in this integration, where other companies have not.  We offer installation and service solutions as well as off-site backups for data-sets in the dozens of gigabytes.